Community Guidelines

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Mutual Respect

Being involved in the community is a fantastic experience; you become part of something big, collaborate with people from all over the world, Help people make their computers unique. But along with this, there is an obligation to follow the rules, which provide the most comfortable environment for all participants. The following rules must be followed anytime, anywhere, community-related, Telegram, GitHub, a Laravel Orchid community resource, face-to-face chat, or something else.


The Laravel Orchid community consists of thousands of users of different ages, creeds, as well as maturity levels. In this regard, you should be aware of the content that you create and the comments you leave. Adult materials, swearing, political or religious material, and any other inappropriate content should not appear in the context of Laravel Orchid. Ultimately, Laravel Orchid moderators have a decisive say in determining inappropriate content. If you doubt whether it is possible to write like that – imagine that you have an audience, including children and elderly people from around the world. And if you are still in doubt, then it is better to abstain.

Screenshots distributed within Laravel Orchid communities should not contain themes that mimic other web systems, as well as photos and images pointing to certain individuals and any other content that violates our Code of Conduct in one way or another.

Rumors and Speculation

While the rapidly developing and exciting nature of Laravel Orchid fuels the desire to spread rumors or speculation, we ask you to refrain from this. The discussion of future plans is harmless in itself, but should not be presented as a confirmed fact – either make it clear that these are speculations, or do not discuss at all. Disseminating inaccurate information can be detrimental to the community, especially if information is disseminated in a negative way.

Substantive Discussion

Laravel Orchid is created by the joint efforts of many people in their free time, whose common goal is to create something special. It is important to always remember this and try to make your contribution to useful and meaningful discussions. At the meeting, support the topic of discussion and express your thoughts that are directly related to the subject of discussion. When commenting on a website, do not go far from the topic of the blog entry or the topic of the question. Taking part in discussions related to development, for example in mail correspondence or in Telegram, do not ask unnecessary questions and do not conduct conversations that are not directly related to the development process; thereby, you complicate the course of the discussion and overflow the logs of messages from developers that may not be in the conversation at that moment.

First of all, you need to understand that we are an online community, on the basis of this we need to make every effort to avoid all the negative aspects that the global network has. No need to troll – verbal skirmishes and comments made for the sole purpose of making someone a fool are unacceptable and look at least infantile. Spam is also not allowed. Spam includes links to pages that are not related to the topic of discussion or repeated links to the same web page. If one of the users is engaged in trolling or spam, just ignore it and notify the moderators about it.

Avoiding Conflicts

If you feel that someone, whether a beginner or an old-timer, is behaving rudely, politely inform him of this. Problems must be addressed before they become a disaster. Everyone must contribute so that communication in our unique (sometimes too unique) work environment runs smoothly.

Tactful Retreat

Life priorities, interests and hobbies can change. If you participate in an Laravel Orchid-related project, but feel that you must leave it, then make this the least problematic for the community. When we work together, the fruits of our work and ideas cease to be our own – they belong entirely to the Laravel Orchid community. Inform other team members that you are about to retire, and if possible, find someone who will continue your work. At the very least, make sure your work can continue when you leave.


If you decide not to follow the above rules of behavior, or otherwise interfere with the community, we reserve the right to do the following: change or delete any content for you published; disable or block the account on third-party websites; disable account in Telegram; or in any other way to prevent your interaction with the community.

Laravel Orchid Code of Conduct distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Some points were inspired. Ubuntu Code of Conduct.