Build admin panel
with Laravel Orchid

A free Laravel package that abstracts standard business logic and allows code-driven rapid application development of back office applications like admin panels and dashboards.

Develop web applications
not admin panels

Stop reinventing the wheel and wasting your time in building an own admin panel from scratch.
Focus on what really matters for you and start coding application logic right away!

Easy To Get Started
We are developing in PHP. It is not necessary to use HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Everything to make applications easy to use.
Fast Loading Pages
A performance like a single page application. Transitions without reloading the page, not writing a single line of code.
Data Search
Find the information you need from any page. Integrated Laravel Scout takes care of the search results.
Filtering & Sorting
Create filters so users can quickly find different segments of data. You are in complete control of the SQL code.
User Notifications
One-time and personal notifications will be a great way to notify users about what is happening in your application.
Security Permissions
Can be used to enable or disable whole screens, or user interface behaviors, based on a user’s identity and corresponding role membership.
User Impersonation
Does your customer have a problem? You can easily repeat it, authenticated in the system as one of your users.
When the file is loaded, a hash is generated and no duplicates are physically stored on disk. It can also be easily linked to an Eloquent record.
Show the dynamics of changes using SVG graphs of different types: 'bar', 'line', 'pie' or 'percentage', which can be exported.
Users from different countries? You can translate into any language of your choice. All texts in the entire application can be translated.
Form builder
There is no need to describe forms of the same type in html. There are many custom fields prepared that are easy to use.
Various Interface Elements
Display information in the form of rows, tables, columns, tabs, modal windows.
In Motion
There is no need to tie employees to the workplace. All of these cool things can be used from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.