Platform for back-office applications
on Laravel Framework


Create pre-populated fields, add tables and use logic to create a reliable page.


Ready-to-use user interface components that look great.

Any Ideas

Use your favorite packages from vast ecosystem or create your own sets.

Only Code

No creation through a graphical interface, only beautiful program code.

Develop corporate PHP
web applications faster than ever

Easy to get started
Most of the development is done in PHP. It is not necessary to use HTML, CSS or JavaScript to create a web interface. PHP applications are easier to maintain, and the development team is extensible.
Suitable technology
Built on Laravel has a wide community, various drivers for databases and services, and a solid foundation in the form of Stimulus from Basecamp and Bootstrap from Twitter provide work in users browsers.
Proven Approaches
Developers and end users jointly develop the application, making changes to fly - perfect for changing requirements. It is based on the technique of James Martin since 1991 of the year.
Preparing for the future
The components and code patterns provided with the platform are fully extensible, providing the necessary functionality as needed.
Hypothesis Testing
Thanks to the principles that I write, I see, hypothesis testing will be required at times, there is no time, which allows you to experiment on how the application should look like.
Role management
Differentiation of user access rights or entire groups in combination with policies enable easy management in development and support.