For Laravel Framework

Simple and flexible
Admin Panel

The easiest and fastest way to develop corporate
applications and content management systems.

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Easy installation

Installing a package with composer makes the process simple and understandable

Ready templates

The form builder uses field templates, you can forget how the html code looks

Full control

Install your favorite packages or custom feature sets

Pay What You Want:

Since the existence of a healthy open source ecosystem creates real value for the software industry, believe it is fair for maintainers and authors of such software to be compensated for their work with real money.


Save your time with the right
development tools

The possibilities that you get:

  • The mechanism of "Screens" , the best CRUD alternative that is described by the components of the user interface.

  • "Behavior" , provide the platform with CMS capabilities, and different types allow you to flexibly create content as you want.

  • Taxonomy, comments, settings and attachments , create a ready infrastructure for data management.

  • Sharing access rights , will not be forced to come up with complicated and intricate verification mechanisms