We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to the growth and promotion of Laravel Orchid. Even if you don’t possess technical or programming skills, there are numerous ways you can still make a meaningful impact:

Help Improve the Website

We always welcome assistance in enhancing our website. While a basic knowledge of HTML is required, you don’t need to be an expert in web development. By cloning the site from our Git repository and submitting your changes, you can actively contribute to making our website more polished and user-friendly.

Utilize Your Graphic Skills

If you have graphic design skills, your talents can greatly benefit the entire Laravel Orchid community. There are several ways you can contribute:

  • Create new icon sets: Develop unique icon sets that align with the vision of Laravel Orchid. Once you’ve created them, you can add them to the appropriate repository and make them available to the entire community.
  • Revamp the user interface: Have an idea for a better design or an entire user interface overhaul? We’re open to experimentation! Share your concepts and let’s work together to create an exceptional user experience.

Support Your Fellow Users

At Laravel Orchid, fostering a strong and supportive community is a top priority. You can directly contribute to this goal by providing assistance to other users. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Create tutorials: Regardless of your expertise level, we welcome tutorials from beginners to advanced users. Cover a range of topics, including introductory Laravel Orchid content or even more specialized development topics like creating your own extensions.
  • Engage in forums: Join the discussions where users ask questions, provide helpful answers, and troubleshoot issues. Share tips, tricks, and best practices. Participate in sweepstakes or contests to showcase your skills, and also expand your network by making new friends along the way.

Spread the Word!

To ensure our community remains friendly, helpful, and polite, it’s crucial that we all encourage positive behavior. Here’s how you can help promote Laravel Orchid:

  • Write articles about Laravel Orchid: Share your insights and experiences by publishing articles in online magazines, blogs, or even print publications. Don’t forget to include the current link or URL for easy reference.
  • Capture screenshots: If you’re aware of a new feature under development, consider creating one or more screenshots to illustrate its functionality. Visual representations can greatly benefit users and attract more attention to our project.
  • Bring in more developers: If you come across individuals with programming skills, introduce them to the Laravel Orchid community. Ask if they might be interested in contributing to the development of Laravel Orchid. Increasing our developer base will ensure the project’s continued growth and success.

If you run a business and utilize Laravel Orchid in a revenue-generating product, consider sponsoring the development. By doing so, you contribute to the health and continuous support of the project upon which your product relies. Additionally, this investment can provide you with valuable insights into the Laravel Orchid community, making it easier to engage developers. If you’re an individual user who appreciates the product, you can also show your support by donating as a token of your appreciation, such as occasionally buying us a coffee ☕️.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our backers! Your support means the world to us. If you’d like to become a backer, please visit our Open Collective page.


Thank you for considering how you can contribute to the Laravel Orchid community. Together, we can create an exceptional experience for all users and continue to grow our vibrant community.

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