This tutorial contains a reference and important themes about development of business-applications on the ORCHID platform.

To use the platform the knowledge of following technologies is required:

  • PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • Relational databases
  • Apache/nginx
  • Laravel Framework

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Before installation and use of the platform we recomend you read about the problems it was created to solve. This little investment of time will help get you up to speed quickly.



ORCHID – is an instrument for RAD development of websites and linear business applications. It is shipped as a package for Laravel and can be easily integrated using Composer, it harmonizes well with other PHP components. You may also register additional third-party components for Laravel or ones found on Packagist.

How to read the documentation

If you are a newcomer I recommend you to read the Laravel documentation from start to end, at ORCHID does not explain the framework capabilities. If you are already familiar with it you may proceed directly to reading further sections.

This documentation begins with an explanation of concept and architecture of ORCHID before it dives into particular themes.


ORCHID takes upon itself the routine business application development operations by adding custom control elements, fields, templates and screens, and allowing to concentrate on the application’s unique business-logic.

Despite its simple appearance it allows you to solve many problems using standard tools while also allowing to add your own custom functionality if required.

Following the tutorial you can quickly install and use it.