Quick authentication guide

In the installed ORCHID configuration the users authentication page is already there at the /dashboard/login address.


At the installation stage you have inherited the model in app/User.php to further be able to expand an authentication model and in the meantime to define it for Laravel. (Look in the configuration file config/auth.php).


Authentication uses the default Laravel login form that requires only two parameters E-mail and Password. In real applications more flexibility may be necessary in case you use ldap or authentication through social networks. So you have to create your own page you could modify.

First, to turn our embedded authentication page off, we change the display value in the configuration file:

'auth' => [
    'display' => false,

Then, we use the built-in Laravel command to create all the required routes and templates:

php artisan make:auth

We add auth middleware to our platform configuration config/platform.php to allow correct redirections. Pay attention that this value must be defined before platform

    'middleware' => [
        'public'  => ['web'],
        'private' => ['web', 'auth', 'platform'],