This beginner guide will help you to start using ORCHID. We’ve listed up the main steps you should perform to launch the project.

Create project

The platform and the framework use the Composer to provide and control your dependencies.
Install the framework with the composer create-project command in your terminal:

$ composer create-project laravel/laravel orchid-project "5.8.*" --prefer-dist

This will create a new folder orchid, download some dependencies into it and even generate main folders and files required to start your work. In other words it will install your new framework project.

Don’t have the Composer? It’s easy to install it following the tutorial at download page.

Don’t forget to

  • Set the «chmod -R o+w» rights for folders storage and bootstrap/cache
  • Edit the .env file

Add package

Go to the created project folder and execute the following command:

$ composer require orchid/platform

Notice. If you have installed Laravel in any other way you may have to generate a key using the command php artisan key:generate


Notice. You also need to create a new database, add the credentials to the .env file and add your app URL to the APP_URL variable.

Run process

php artisan orchid:install

Create user

Run the following command to create a user with supreme (at the moment of creation) rights passing the username, e-mail and password:

php artisan orchid:admin admin password

Run project

To run the project you may use the built-in server:

php artisan serve

Open the browser and go to http://localhost:8000/dashboard. If everything works properly you will see the dashboard login page. Later, when you will end your work, stop the server with Ctrl+C shortcut in your terminal.

Notice. If the used runtime environment is set to work on other domain, (eg: orchid.loc), the dashboard will not be acessible and you will have to set it in config file config/platform.php or in .env. This allows to make a dashboard accessible from other domains or subdomains, for example,

Had an issue during installation? Perhaps someone has already met the same problem . If not, you may send a message or request assistance.