The ORCHID includes easy to use mechanism for creation of a custom menu (navigation) using drag & drop and localization support.


Most of menus are displayed at the top of a website, but position may alter for different applications, a number of menus is limited and specified at config/platform configuration file

'menu' => [
    'header'  => 'Top Menu',
    'sidebar' => 'Sidebar Menu',
    'footer'  => 'Footer Menu',


The Menu class is common model of Eloquent, that has all its abilities, for example to display only parent menu items with children links and location-aware, do the following:

namespace Orchid\Press\Models\Menu;

$menu = Menu::where('lang', app()->getLocale()())
    ->where('type', 'footer')

Available methods:

//First children element
$menu = Menu::find(1)->children()->first();

//Parent element
$menu = Menu::find(1)->parent()->get();